Forum Thread: Is Google Account Recovery Not Working? Go Through the Advanced Ways

sometime many people stuck when they are not able to understand how to recover their account so lets start the brief process to o it

Why Google Account Recovery Not Working

Google is known for multiple factors and one of such is the Safety & Security. It offers the complete secure system to the users and hence protects the data from the hackers. However, if you forgot your password, then you have few recovery options, i.e. Google Account recovery via email and recovery through a phone number. The additional one is security questions and answers.

However, if you are trying to recover your Google Account and you are getting an error, 'Google Can't verify your account' then you must perform the steps in a proper manner otherwise your account will be blocked and you won't be able to access.

Google Account Recovery not working | Troubleshooting Steps

· Try to use the same IP address which you generally use to perform the recovery process and this time avoids the public internet. If signed from other IP address, Google considers this as a suspicious activity and will prevent your way.

· If you are using the Proxy Internet, then disable the same immediately.

· If you are unable to recover the Google Account, then allow Google to identify it and for the same, go to Google Account recovery page and click on 'verify my identity'.

· Disable the firewall temporarily.

Apply the above methods and follow Google Account Recovery Process carefully and this time you will be able to recover your Google Account, but make sure to provide the correct answers to all the questions. This will help the Google to verify your account.

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