How To: Fall in Love by Looking a Stranger in the Eyes

Fall in Love by Looking a Stranger in the Eyes

Eye contact is key in conversations, job interviews, and honesty, and it can help you access others' thoughts and spot heavy drinkers. Locking eyes with someone can even help you fall in love, whether you know them or not.

The powerful connection that occurs when you lock eyes with a stranger might feel uncomfortable and odd at first, but chances are, you're closer to a love connection than dating those you're already acquainted with.

Passion Is in the Gaze

There are so many advice books, articles, and listicles written in hopes of helping you catch a new significant other every day of the year. Sometimes, though, simplicity is the best course of action, and that's all it takes to forge a connection full of heat. According to research, if you stare someone in the eyes, you'll both break the gaze with increased feelings of passion and intimacy.

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When we gaze upon a stranger at a bar, restaurant, or maybe even in line at the bank, we often turn away quickly in embarrassment. That few second gaze, however, could cause feelings of love to blossom. According to a study conducted by Joan Kellerman and her research team, eye contact invigorates feelings that are incredibly meaningful.

Kellerman studied the effects of eye contact on 72 pairs of men and women in her research. She found that if the two strangers gazed into each others' eyes for just two minutes, they reported feeling increased love and affection towards the other person.

Despite outliers like blinking, hair flipping, and even hand movements, every pair concluded that maintaining mutual eye contact increased levels of attraction. So, the longer you stare eye-to-eye with another person, the greater your feelings of intimacy and love towards them... even if you know nothing about them.

It's All About Attraction

Of course, locking eyes with just anyone isn't the sole key to delving into a long-lasting relationship. Cheryl Murphy, optometrist and writer for Scientific American, notes that there must be a basic level of attraction for eye contact to work.

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When we find another person attractive—even in the slightest, such as a cute smile or intriguing hairdo—and they lock eyes with us, it's that moment in which our attraction increases. However, according to a study explained by Murphy, it's only when someone visibly directs their gaze at us that we are compelled to interact. According to the research, when we see someone else clearly turn their line of sight towards us, we immediately grow more attracted to whatever it is they're luring us in with.

So, before you wander around your favorite bar locking eyes with just anyone, try paying attention to those who truly catch your eye. If you lock eyes directly for even a few seconds, your love connection is already growing.

Make a Love Connection with Your Eyes

All it takes to bring a potential date closer is one gaze—and after just a few seconds, you'll have a stronger connection than most. Though this doesn't necessarily make for a lasting relationship, it does show the importance of eye contact even if you're already dating someone. Take a moment to lock eyes with someone, whether you already love them or just love their look, and you'll find yourselves drawn closer together in happy feelings.

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At the gym, our eyes locked...I am forever trapped in that moment. Where are you, H.?

I am also trapped in that moment...the world stopped...all that mattered was that moment... I left a small part of me with him the last time I left the gym and looked longingly into his eyes.

WTF, I FEEL THE SAME HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. btw I'm getting confused if that person thinks I'm weird or if that person likes me or I don't know anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

You can't just gaze or lock eyes with someone if you do not know them that well. Depending on where the person is from, how they were raised, and the types of relationships that the person has had (abusive- emotional or physical). It can be rude, scary, and/or overwhelming experience to stare/lock eyes with them. This is based on a past personal experience and others people's experiences which were similar to one or more of the feelings/results I mentioned above. I would say wait until you get to know them a bit better (after more than a couple of meaningful conversations/dates, gatherings, etc.) What if the person does not have good intentions? Be careful.

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