How To: Having Just One Plant in Your Workspace Can Boost Your Overall Productivity

Having Just One Plant in Your Workspace Can Boost Your Overall Productivity

There are a number of ways to give your productivity a kicktstart, from taking a break from your distracting smartphone to just taking a break, plain and simple. Yet finding the motivation to start working doesn't require any effort at all—just a little bit of green.

Bring Nature to Your Workspace

If you need a workplace boost in efficiency and productivity, a plant can help you get one. Just having something alive, green, and reminiscent of the world outside your office in your workspace encourages you to get working and increases focus.

Why? According to Marlon Nieuwenhuis and his research team, it alters our perspective and perception of our work environment. Typically, our desks, offices, and cubicles are bare, blank spaces, devoid of all color and personality. Though we attempt to decorate with photos and personal belongings, our workspace is still the space in which we're surrounded by function over style.

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Nieuwenhuis tested whether or not the presence of plants could enrich employees and the office environment—and his research proved this to be true. His team conducted three different experiments in various offices. Every one returned the same outcome: when plants were present, staff at these offices reported better concentration, greater workplace satisfaction, and increased productivity. The employees even perceived an improvement in the offices' air quality.

Incorporate Your Own Green

Whether you work within the confines of a cubicle, or spend your days in an less traditional office setting, you can create a happier, more productive workspace for yourself by introducing a plant or two.

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The presence of a vibrant, living piece of nature will bring the joy of the outdoors inside, offering encouragement and greater drive. Place a small potted plant on a corner of your desk, or bring in a larger plant if you have room, and you'll begin to feel its effects. In addition to boosting productivity, try one of these NASA-approved plants to increase air quality in the office.

If you're worried about taking care of your plants while you're away from work, whether it's the weekend or you're out on vacation, you can set up some DIY waterers to care for your plants while you're gone.

No-Plants Policy?

Should your office or company have a no-plants policy, you can fake greenery with images of nature. Adorn your walls or computer background with images of grass, plants, or nature scenes, and you can reap the same effects. Just a hint of nature can give you the boost you need to push through your tasks.

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