How To: Like the Way You Smell? You're Making Yourself More Attractive

Like the Way You Smell? You're Making Yourself More Attractive

Each morning, we spend a significant portion of our time staring into the mirror. From choosing clothes and accessories to perfecting our hair, we try to make ourselves attractive. Yet catching others' attention doesn't have to rely on preening and primping. There's some truth to the maxim of beauty in confidence—all you need to make yourself more attractive is spray on your favorite scent.

Your Nose Is the Best Judge

We all have our favorite scents—and often wear them to make ourselves more appealing to others. But does this smelly method of catching others' attention really work?

In research led by S Craig Roberts, a lecturer and researcher of evolutionary psychology and behavioral ecology, the impact of our chosen perfumes and colognes was tested on members of the opposite sex. The men participating in the study were given one of two types of body spray: one that contained fragrance, or one that was scent-free. Researchers then asked the men to rate their self-confidence and perceived attractiveness.

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Next, the men were put before a panel of women. The women rated both photos and videos of the male participants, and a noticeable difference in attraction appeared quickly. Though the men's body spray had no impact on how much women liked their photos, it did make them more appealing on-camera. The men who wore the scented spray behaved differently, appearing more confident and attractive in their videos. And, as a result, the women reported a higher level of attraction to the spray-scented males.

This means that the better you think you smell, the more you'll draw attention from the opposite sex. Your favorite scent gives you confidence that you might not even notice, but everyone around you certainly will.

Rely on Your Favorite Scents

Using perfume, cologne, body spray, or even deodorant impacts others' perceptions. If you want to give off an air of confidence, the key is finding a scent that not only smells great, but makes you feel fantastic.

Spritzing on your signature scent each day will perk you up both before you leave the house and throughout the day. Just be sure to avoid any overwhelmingly heavy scents—you want to attract a mate, not send them away coughing and gasping for air. You can load it on for pictures and videos, just take it easy in-person.

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Try adding a new, exciting scent to your routine in the morning with little tweaks. Rather than dousing yourself in perfume daily, try out a scented lotion that you love. Can't stand lotions? Change up the scent of your deodorant, and you might notice a small perk in your attitude each time you get a whiff of its smell.

Who knows: by discovering your favorite scent, you might also find a new date!

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